Report: Jones has M3 metabolite in his system before Smith fight

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher 

Jon Jones has a fight with Anthony Smith this Saturday night at UFC 235. Yet, due of his drug tests leading up to the fight, have been founded to have traces of M3 metabolite. 

This is an oral turinabol. Jones has been busted for failing drug tests before MMA Junkie’s John Morgan broke the latest developments. 

MMA fighter Jon Jones listens during a press conference at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
Jon Jones listens during a press conference at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino (Getty Images)

Morgan insists that the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) detected that Jones had 40 pg/mL or less of M3 metabolite in his system. 

“No scientific or medical evidence that the athlete would have an unfair advantage leading up to, or for, his contest scheduled on March 2, 2019,” the NSAC said in a statement. 

The 31-year-old Rochester, New York native will put his UFC Light Heavyweight Championship on the line against Smith. He won his last fight against Alexander Gustafsson in a third-round TKO (Punches) in Inglewood, California. 

It is believed that Jones could have this in his system for more than a year. The Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) believe that this is the same metabolite that was in his system before his UFC 214 fight in July 2017. 

He was then hit with a 15 month suspension from USADA for the violation in question. 

In Dec., though, when he was tested, there was reportedly no presence of M3 metabolite in his system when he was tested several times before the fight with Gustafsson. 

According to, it was found in Jones’ Feb. 14 and Feb. 15 tests by NAC. However, he was clean on Feb. 18 by VADA for NAC. He also has a Feb. 23 test pending. 

Jones had his Feb. 1 and Feb. 9 tests come back clean. 

MMA Fighting Screen Shot
MMA Fighting Screen Shot (Screen shot from

In Dec., the UFC had to relocate Jones and Gustafsson from Las Vegas to Los Angeles because Jones’ tests from Aug. through Dec. were positive for the drug. Nevada, at the time, were not comfortable with Jones fighting so the event was moved. 

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