Lakers, Melo holding off for now

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

The Los Angeles Lakers have no plans to sign free agent Carmelo Anthony at this time. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the team and Anthony stopped their contract talks.

The hold up is that Anthony does not want to sign with the team if they are out of playoff contention. Right now, the team has a slim chance to make the team.

Basketball (Photo by

“Bringing ‘Melo into team that may not have meaningful games left makes little sense for organization, or him,” Wojnarowski said. “Lakers had waited to see who could be available for them in buyout market. For now, makes more sense for Lakers to use minutes on young players than a 34-year-old FA.”

Anthony has had a whirlwind time since the summer. After refusing to take a bench role with the Oklahoma City Thunder, he was then traded to the Atlanta Hawks.

The Hawks then bought out his contract and he became a free agent. ‘Melo then signed with the Houston Rockets on a one-year deal.

Like he said with the Thunder, he refused to take a bench role with the team. After just 10 games, the disgruntled player exiled the player.

Near the NBA trade deadline in February, he was traded to the Chicago Bulls. He never played for the team, as the team used him for salary cap purposes — and later released him.

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