Newly acquitted Oakman wants to play in the NFL

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Shawn Oakman — who was recently acquitted of rape — wants a chance to play in the NFL. It is believed that the woman — who accused Oakman of rape made the whole thing up — to ruin his image.

He was arrested days before the 2016 NFL Draft. He was found not guilty of sexaul assault last month.

Embed from Getty Images

“I want to play football at the highest level and just really finally get my chance,” Oakman said to WKTX TV in Waco, Texas.

Oakman went undrafted after he was arrested for those sexual assault charges. Being that he has been away from football for several years, it’s going to be very slim if he gets the shot he wants.

He last played organized football in 2015. He had 43 tackles, including 14.5 tackles for a loss, in 12 games. He also had 4.5 sacks and two forced fumbles.

In his three-year collegiate career with the Baylor Bears, he had 128 tackles, including 46.5 tackles for a loss, in 36 games. He also had 17.5 sackes, eight forced fumbles, three fumble recoveries, and three pass deflections.

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