Flight announce new ownership, head coach

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

The Jersey Flight football team made an announcement on Sunday night. The team has new ownership and a new head coach, while suggesting the team will play in the American Arena League (AAL) in 2019.

The press release did not say who the new ownership is. However, the team did announce that Nick Coppola has been named Head Coach and Operations Manager.


The announcement also said that a 35-man roster will report to camp this week. Then, the final roster will be announced in the next ten days.

The Flight, according to the announcement, said that there would be more games. The new schedule is expected to be released within the next week.

The team has also announced a partnership with PEAC – Health and Fitness in Ewing, New Jersey. This facility will be their official practice facility.

Coppola is the third head coach in franchise history. He replaces Adam Turkel, who was named head coach in Dec. Jake Grande was the team’s first head coach.

When Turkel was fired on March 1st, he claimed that the team was folding.

In their first season, the team went 5-3. The team also owed money to players after the season.

Former owners Samuel Davis Jr. and Kyna Felder-Ruiz were arrested in April 2018 for tax fraud.

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