Former executive sues AAF

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

James Ernest Roberson Jr., a former executive with the Alliance of American Football, has sued the defunct league. He claims AAF Chairman Tom Dundon violated federal laws when the Carolina Hurricanes owner — who made a $70 million investment after receiving control after Week 1 — abruptly shut down the failing football league.

Roberson Jr. claims that the employees were not given a 60-day notice before the shut down took place. Dundon took over the reins of the league on Feb. 9.

AAF Logo

AAF Logo

He says there was no reason for the shut down. But Dundon reportedly shut down the league because it was poorly organized and it was losing money hand over foot.

Dundon reportedly had a $250 million investment in the league. However, the businessman from Texas only put $70 million into the league in seven weeks.

Roberson Jr. believes the league folded because “whether or not investors are willing to put enough money into the league to keep it afloat.”

“Our guys just woke up last Tuesday and found out they didn’t have jobs,” said class counsel Byron Perkins, of Perkins Law in Birmingham, Alabama.

The league was launched in March 2018 by former NFL executive Bill Polian and TV producer Charlie Ebersol. Polian is also being sued in the lawsuit.

The AAF launched two months after Vince McMahon announced he was relaunching the XFL in 2020. McMahon made the announcement in Jan. 2018.

Roberson Jr. is trying to recover lost wages, medical expenses, accrued holiday and vacation pay for the 60 working days without of work. He is also seeking pension and 401(k) contributions, as well.

“Those people relied on the league for their livelihood and for taking care of their families,” Perkins said. “They don’t know where to go from here.”

According to an Internet search, Roberson Jr. is also the founder of Top Ten Management, a business development consultant firm. He is also the President of the Birmingham City Council.

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