Report: Avenatti still claims Duke paid for Zion services despite hoax

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

According to, celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti claims he has documents that allege that Duke University paid for the services of Zion Williamson. The highly coveted basketball player picked the Blue Devils over the Clemson Tigers.

Williamson is expected to be the No. 1 overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft.

Celebrity Lawyer Michael Avenatti arrives for his first hearing in Santa Ana federal court on bank and wire fraud charges
Michael Avenatti arrives for his first hearing in Santa Ana federal court on bank and wire fraud charges (Getty Images)

Deadspin is reporting that a tipster provided that he provided the fake invoice to Avenatti. The tipster claimed that they provided the lawyer the fake document because “he falls for crap and I don’t like him.”

The individual claims that they searched for Williamson’s mother’s name online, then created the document. He also provided the document to Avenatti via a picture.

The person did not believe — they claim — that they did not “expect him to tweet about it so quickly or directly,” according to Deadspin.

According to the story, Avenatti allegedly texted the person back the following morning. He allegedly wrote, “Nice try idiot. Next time try harder and be smarter. And f**k off btw.” Deadspin claims that he has not deleted the tweets or backed off his claims.

Deadspin reportedly talked to the lawyer on Monday. Yet, he claims he didn’t know about the exchange. He reportedly told the publication, “I don’t now anything about that.”

He claims in the story that people are always trying to hoax him.

“All kinds of people have fabricated all kinds of text messages,” he claims. “I have to deal with all this nonsense,” he said, adding, “it’s very easy to find my phone number.”

He also claims that his accusations were not from the invoice that Deadspin has in the story. He was arrested for attempting to extort Nike in March.

“I don’t make a claim off of just one invoice, we have substantial evidence, documents and testimony,” he said.

He claims that he may release the information in the future. However, he is not willing to share that information at this present time.

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