MMA fighter punches alleged masturbator in Brazil

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Mixed martial arts fighter Joyce Vieria reportedly punched a man in Brazil, who she claims was masturbating in front of her and a fried. This happened in Cabo Frio on the Praia do Braga beach, a municipality of Rio de Janeiro.

The 27-year-old fighter claimed to the local news outlets that she was doing a photoshoot with a friend on the beach when she spotted a man nearby. She told the outlets the man had exposed his genitals.

MMA Gloves
MMA Gloves (Photo by

She then went up to the man, who has been identified as Josenei Viana Ferreira, according to Brazilian outlets. When she claimed he refused to stop, she punched him.

She claimed that the man was groaning. And she insists that the man did not care that families with children were around them.

Vieria — who was in her one-piece bathing suit — elected for violence, as she punched and kicked the man. The man, according to witness accounts, tried to back away.

The fighter called the authorities about the incident. Yet, the man, Viana, has denied he was masturbating.

He told the police he was urinating at the time. Yet, he was charged with committing an obscene act in public.

Viana was released a short-time later. Yet, the case has been submitted to the Prosecutor’s Office.

She is fearful that she would see the guy again.

“We feel powerless,” Vieria said, according to the New York Post. It’s very strange because he’s going to be in the same city as me, and who knows he might be in the same places. That’s why I have received an innumerable number of messages from women saying that (in similar situations) they didn’t file a report, because they know the suspects would end up being released.”

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