Mets’ Rhame disciplined after throwing at Phillies’ Hoskins

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

New York Mets pitcher Jacob Rhame intentionally threw at Philadelphia Phillies slugger Rhys Hoskins on Tuesday. He pitches nearly hit Hoskins in the head.

One day later, Rhame and Hoskins faced each other again. However, this time, Hoskins would get the best equalizer when he hit a home run against Rhame.

New York Mets pitcher Jacob Rhame pitching against the Chicago Cubs
Jacob Rhame pitching against the Chicago Cubs (Getty Images)

Instead of running around the bases at a quick pace, Hoskins elected to take his home and rub the home run in Rhame’s face. It took Hoskins nearly 40 seconds to round the bases.

On Thursday, Rhame was suspended by Major League Baseball for his actions on Tuesday. He received a two-game suspension and was fined an undisclosed amount.

He admitted to MLB to intentionally throwing the ball in the head area of Hoskins. The incident happened during the ninth inning at Citi Field in Flushing, New York.

MLB’s Chief Baseball Officer Joe Torre announced the Rhame suspension. He also said the suspension will begin on Friday against the Milwaukee Brewers unless Rhame appeals the suspension.

If he files an appeal for the suspension, the press release said it’ll be held in abeyance until completed.

The 26-year-old Atlanta, Georgia native has spent the last three seasons with the Mets. This season, though, he appeared in 3 games with two games finished.

He has a 8.10 ERA after allowing three runs (three earned runs), including one home run to Hoskins, in 3 1/3 innings. He also had two strikeouts and five walks.

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