Falcons’ guard pays for Louisville infant’s funeral

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Atlanta Falcons guard Jamon Brown helped with the funeral expenses of a one-month-old, who died tragically. The Louisville native was touch by De’Anthony Lee Trice’s death.

The infant died after police said his father hit him in a post-video game rage. Brown’s foundation assisted in the family in burying the boy on Monday at Louisville’s Green Meadows cemetery.

Death candle (Photo by Pixabay)

Anthony Trice, the father, has been charged with first-degree murder. He is also criminal abuse charges, as well.

Alvena Smith, the infant’s great grandmother, gave praise to Brown.

“I’m very thankful and grateful to Jamon,” Smith told ESPN via email. “I met him and his brother through my nephew. Jamon is so thoughtful. He has not forgotten where he came from. I can’t thank him for his generosity because he definitely didn’t have to bless us the way he did. I didn’t know he loved us that much.

“To him I’m grateful. I thank his mom for doing a great job raising those boys because they turned out to be wonderful young men.”

The father allegedly punched the infant in the head in “frustration after losing a video game.” According to the authorities, the 26-year-old Trice was at his residence with the child when he was playing video games.

When he got frustrated from the game, he allegedly threw the controller and punched the baby in his head. He also told the police after punching the baby, he tried to quiet the baby.

As Trice was carrying his son into the kitchen, he also allegedly dropped him. Trice admitted that he waited to seek help for the baby as he said he made his son a bottle, set him upright, and left him unattended as he went to the bathroom.

Once noticing something was wrong, Trice called 911. The family started a GoFundMe after the infant’s death.

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