F1 legend Niki Lauda passes away

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher 

According to the Daily Mirror, Formula One legend Niki Lauda has passed away. He was 70-years-old. 

He passed away after undergoing kidney dialysis, according to the report. He died on Monday in his sleep, the family said, in the story.

Death Candle
Death Candle (Photo by Pixabay.com)


An Austria publication is reporting that he was receiving kidney dialysis in Switzerland in a private clinic. 

Lauda underwent kidney transplats in 1997 and 2005. In addition, he also went a double lung transplat in August 2018.

“Due to kidney problems, he had to be transferred from the rehabilitation centre to a private clinic for dialysis,” his brother Florian said. 

Lauda won Formula One championships in 1975, 1977, and 1984. His first win came in the 1974 Spanish Grand Prix. 

His final win came in the Dutch Grand Prix. 

In the 1976 German Grand Prix at Nürburgring, he was involved in a crash that caused his Ferrari to catch on fire. The car that he was in swerved off the track and then hit an embankment, before the car burst into flames. 

While the car was on fire, he made contact with Brett Lunger’s car. Lunger was able to escape; however, Lauda was not able to, as he was trapped into the car. 

Driver Arturo Merzario was able to pull Lauda from the car. The damage was already done, as he had suffered severe burns from the incident to his head, while also inhaling toxic gases that also damaged his lungs and blood. 

The helmet he was wearing at the time of the crash was a modified helmet that had foam. The fire caused the foam to compress and slide off of his head, causing his face to be exposed to the fire. 

He went into a coma following the incident. He also suffered extensive scarring to his head and also lost much of his right ear from the fire. He also lost part of his hair on the right side of his face, including his eyebrows. 

He underwent reconstructive surgery on his eyelids to make them work once again. Lauda also wore a cap on his head to cover the scars from the crash. This also caused Lauda to ask sponsors to use a hat on his head in advertising. 

In 13-years in F1 from 1971 through 1985, he made 171 appearances with 25 wins. He also had 24 poles and 54 podiums. 

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