Dietrich wins in WoO’s return to Bridgeport Speedway

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher 

Danny Dietrich won the World of Outlaws return on Tuesday night at the Design for Vision/Sunglass Central Speedway at Bridgeport. This was the World of Outlaws first race at Bridgeport in 16-years. 

They were scheduled to compete at the facility last year. However, due to rain, it was canceled and never rescheduled. 

Danny Dietrich’s Sprint Car (Photo by Gary Kauffman Racing)

Dietrich defeated 10-time champion Donny Schatz to get the win at the 3/8th-mile track. Despite the amazing finish, the Gary Kauffman Racing driver was able to hold off Tony Stewart Racing’s driver Schatz by 0.578 seconds. 

“It was pretty nerve racking,” Dietrich said. “Good hard, racing. I’m sure he’s not happy to finish second, but I’m really happy to win.”

This was Dietrich’s fifth win competing in the World of Outlaws. According to Johnny Gibson, the voice of the World of Outlaws, this was the race of the year so far. 

Dietrich led the first 32 laps, before Schatz took lap 33. Dietrich then led the final two laps with Schatz on his heels.

“Slow down and just be patient,” Dietrich said when Schatz passed him on lap 33. “When he passed me, I hit the bottom of [turns] one and two, and I just had to slow down, and just wait for the moisture. It felt like I was just going so slow, but patients.”

Jason Johnson Racing’s David Gravel was the third place finisher. He finished 0.873 seconds behind Dietrich. 

“The track was awesome,” Gravel said. “It was really racey. A lot of grooves. Just disappointed I didn’t get my wing back earlier. We had a good enough race car to win. Just got stuck on the bottom a little bit. I should have kept my speed up a little bit more.”

Kyle Larson Racing’s Carson Macedo was the fourth place finisher. Daryn Pittman — who won several races at New Egypt Speedway in New Egypt, NJ before the series switched to Bridgeport — finished fifth. 

Sam Swindell was the World of Outlaws last winner at Bridgeport in 2003, before Dietrich on Tuesday night. However, for many World of Outlaws competitors, this was their first-time competing at this facility. 

This was Dietrich’s third straight Top 3 finish. He finished second in the Morgan Cup at Williams Grove Speedway in Mechanicsburg, Pa. on Friday, May 17. 

The following day, Dietrich — who is part of the popular PA Posse — was third at the second Morgan Cup event at Williams Grove Speedway. 

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