Report: Powerhouse Findlay Prep expected to miss 2019-20 season

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher 

One of the premier high school basketball programs will not compete next season, according to a report. Findlay Prep in Henderson, Nevada is not expected to field a team, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal

The program has won three National High School Invitational Championships.

Basketball (Photo by

While they’re definitely not expected to field a team in 2019-20, it is not clear if the powerhouse team will ever have a team again. 

“We don’t know yet,” Robbie Findlay, Director of Operations for the Findlay Automotive Group said. “We’re planning to take a year off and try to find a new campus. There’s a chance [the program would end] unless we find a good fit.”

The team has called Henderson International home for the past 13-years through a partnership. Those two sides; however, have ended their partnership. 

“We have been working on a resolution for the past couple of years,” Henderson International headmaster Seth Ahlborn said. “We’ve had a great run. We have a great relationship. We just have hit a pause button.” 

With no agreement in place, Findlay Prep has no place to play. 

“We need a few more amenities to take Findlay Prep to the next level,” Findlay said. “We’ve looked at various options, but nothing is suitable for the student-athletes. I don’t think we’re even sure what we need [in terms of amenities].”

Another issue with Findlay Prep is Henderson International is restarting their own high school once again — the last time it was open was in 2010. In addition, with that, the school will be playing sports once again. 

Henderson International will also likely join the Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association once everything is complete with the school re-starting. 

“It’s better for us to take a break [with Findlay] than to not be able to do everything we want to do at the level we want to do it,” Ahlborn said. “Our intent is to make sure we provide the very best academic program and training for all of our students.”

With the basketball program expected to take a hiatus, the coaching staff will also be out of employment for the one-year, as well. 

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