Musi becomes first woman to win in NPK

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

The second event for the 2019 Street Outlaws No Prep Kings season was held this weekend at New England Dragway in Epping, New Hampshire. The event was held on Friday and Saturday.

Lizzy Musi went to the final round against her boyfriend Kye Kelley. She defeated him in the Honey Badger — it was previously named Aftershock — to win the $40,000 prize.

Drag Racer Lizzy Musi driving Aftershock at New England Dragway
Lizzy Musi driving Aftershock (Photo by Lizzy Musi/AB Media)

With the win, Musi became the first woman to win in the Street Outlaws No Prep Kings series. Musi will now bring her winning momentum into the PDRA North-South Shootout May 30-June 1 at Maryland International Raceway in Mechanicsville, Maryland.

“[Being] First female to win a NPK event is an honor!,” Musi said. “I had to race against some of the fastest cars on No Prep, no wins given. Every round was a battle! 3rd round I lost to Doc, but by the rules they told all winners and losers to come back up to the starting line. Losers of 3rd round was able to do a lucky draw whoever drew chip 4 was out. I actually had some luck for once and got chip 1. If it was any other racer racing for 40k and had one more chance I am sure they would have taken that chance.

“This was the first NPK event my Dad and mom came out to and it couldn’t have been better. It pretty much was the perfect outcome. Both had a lot of fun and enjoyed seeing all the fans. I think my dad is a fan of no prep now thanks for all your help this weekend! Couldn’t have pulled this race off without you guys! Pat Musi Racing Engines, Pat Musi, Elizabeth Agneta Musi”

Earlier in the race, Musi was eliminated. However, due to a reported “buy back,” Musi was able to regain an opportunity and she used this to her advantage.

“Every racing organization has their own rules and ways of racing,” Musi said. “This is how NPK does theirs. NPK pays 40k to the winner at each event, 9 events total. Giving a racer a chance to win 360k throughout the whole season. That’s a lot of money on the line to race for and everyone is out their to cut each other’s throat. Just straight facts.”

She is the second driver to win in New Hampshire. On Friday was the final round from the first race that got rained out at Maryland International Raceway on May 4.

Ryan Martin — who has won several races in the series — won the postponed final round.

There is one comment

  1. Dewayne Malone

    I love watching y’all race. I don’t know why people have nasty comments. Keep up the good work, Lizzy and Kye.

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