Torrence takes Top Fuel provisional lead at 2019 Topeka event

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

The hot streak continues for Steve Torrence. The Kilgore, Texas native is the provisional No. 1 qualifier on Friday at the Menards NHRA Heartland Nationals presented by Minties.

The Capco Contractors pilot went 3.760 at 325.45 mph. Torrence claimed the provisional lead on the second qualifying pass.

Top Fuel Dragster pilot Steve Torrence racing on Friday at the Menards NHRA Heartland Nationals presented by Minties
Steve Torrence racing on Friday at the Menards NHRA Heartland Nationals presented by Minties (Photo by the NHRA)

 “It was really pretty impressive to run the way we did after seeing what the other cars were doing,” Torrence said. “After Billy [dad] ran that 3.765 I had to chuckle when I saw Hoagie [crew chief Richard Hogan] go into the box and start turning knobs. It’s important to qualify No. 1 at this race since we’ve got 14 cars and you’ll get a bye run if you can get past the first round and that’s huge.

“We’ve got a lot of momentum going at the last few races and we want to keep the ball rolling. Qualifying well is big on Sunday because it gives you a lot of confidence knowing that the car is doing exactly what Richard and Bobby [Lagana] tell it to do. It puts a little more swagger into your step. It was also big to go out there in Q1 and run a 3.80 when the next quickest car ran 3.86. I don’t want to get over-confident, but we just need to keep on working on consistency.”

Fellow Capco Contractors pilot Billy Torrence is the provisional No. 2 qualifier. The Kilgore, Texas native went 3.765 at 323.58 mph.

Montana Brand/Rocky Mountain Twist pilot Austin Prock is the No. 3 qualifier. The Danville, Indiana native went 3.783 at 315.42 mph.

Matco Tools pilot Antron Brown is the No. 4 qualifier. The Pittsboro, Indiana native went 3.798 at 292.33 mph.

Mac Tools pilot Doug Kalitta is the No. 5 qualifier. The Ann Arbor, Michigan native went 3.800 at 325.22 mph.

The rest of the provisional field went like this:

6.Clay Millican, 3.813, 302.89 mph

7. Richie Crampton, 3.822, 314.75 mph

8. Terry McMillen, 3.858, 311.85 mph

9. Brittany Force, 3.877, 316.15 mph

10. Leah Pritchett, 3.883, 318.47 mph

11. Scott Palmer, 3.890, 310.55 mph

12. Cameron Ferre, 4.145, 229.90 mph

13. Terry Totten, 6.942, 84.66 mph

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