Red Sox great Ortíz had a hit taken out on him

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

According to the attorney general in the Dominican Republic, Jean Alain Rodríguez, said on Wednesday that there was a hit taken out on David Ortíz. Rodríguez admitted an unknown mastermind allegedly paid $400,000 Dominican pesos ($7,800 US) to kill the baseball legend.

During the press conference, it was announced that five alleged suspects have been taken into custody. All have been linked to the assassination attempt.

Boston Red Sox legend David Ortíz being announced before the 2018 home opener against the Tampa Bay Rays
David Ortíz being announced before the 2018 home opener (Getty Images)

Rodríguez, along Dominican National Police director Ney Aldrin Bautista Almonte, also have the gun allegedly used in the crime. The authorities also have video of the crime.

Ortíz — who is commonly known as Big Papi — suffered severe internal damage from the shooting. He was transported to Mass. General hospital after arriving in Boston, Mass. on Monday night.

In addition, according to court documents, that were filed against Eddy Vladimir Felíz García, who was severely beaten following the shooting, was the alleged getaway driver in the incident. Garcia was caught talking to people, according to eye witnesses, in two silver or gray cars on Saturday afternoon in a parking lot.

The eye witnesses allege that the cars and the meeting were near the nightclub where Ortíz was shot on Sunday night in an ambush from behind. García was allegedly riding another man on a motorcycle to the spot, where the hit was made.

Ortíz underwent surgery almost immediately after being transported to a local hospital in the Dominican Republic. Then, after arriving at Mass. General hospital in Boston, he had a second surgery.

Despite the arrests made in this case, the authorities are still investigating the incident that nearly killed the country’s beloved son.

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