Big Papi suspect wanted in Pennsylvania, as well

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

One of the individuals, who has been arrested in the David Ortíz shooting, is also wanted out of Pennsylvania.  He is one of six males, who have been arrested for the assassination attempt of Ortíz on Sunday night.

Luis Rivas-Clase, who is from Reading, Pennsylvania, is facing With conspiracy to commit homicide there. He is also potentially facing an attempted murder charge in the Dominican Republic in the Ortíz charge.

Handcuffs (Photo by

Rivas-Clase allegedly shot a man in the 900 block of North Front Street in Reading on April 22, 2018. Like Ortíz, the man, who was allegedly shot by Rivas-Clase, was shot in the lower back.

The Pennsylvania man, along with Ortíz, survived their injuries. Ortíz is presently at Massachusetts General Hospital, where he is recovering.

Before the incident, Rivas-Clase allegedly told the individual he was going to kill them. Rivas-Clase and another individual both took part in the shooting.

One of the alleged suspects was taken into custody on Sunday night shortly after the incident. He was known as the getaway driver.

Eddy Vladimir Féliz García is reportedly the getaway driver in the incident. He; however, reportedly met with the alleged other suspects on Saturday and Sunday near the assassination attempt took place.

On Wednesday, the authorities arrested five others alleged suspects. And there is reportedly more alleged suspects still at large.

Rivas-Clase is reportedly known as “The Surgeon.” He is still at large following the shooting.

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