DR authorities: Closing on Ortíz hit mastermind

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

According to WFMZ 69, the Dominican Republic authorities are closing in on the mastermind, who orchestrated the hit on the baseball legend. David Ortíz was shot one week ago in his hometown in the D.R.

The authorities have not released anymore information besides that.

Police (Photo by Pixabay)

“His time has come,” prosecutor Milciades Guzmán said on Friday. He also said this was a “complex” assassination attempt.

The shooting happened while Ortíz was at an entertainment center. The shooter shot the Boston Red Sox great in the side of his back with the bullet exiting through his stomach.

The authorities have discovered that two men came to the location via a motorcycle. The one on the back, who has ties to the United States, in Rolfi Ferreira Cruz, allegedly shot Ortíz.

Cruz is reportedly from the Reading, Pennsylvania, like another man, who is still at large from the incident. Cruz is also reportedly the suspect in robberies in Clifton, New Jersey.

Ortíz had his intestines and internal organs damaged by the bullet. He was saved by a person at the entertainment center that rushed him to the hospital.

While at the hospital, Ortíz underwent emergency surgery. After arriving at Massachusetts General Hospital, he also underwent a second surgery.

There are 10 suspects in custody with alleged involvement in the Ortíz shooting. Besides the mastermind, the authorities are also looking for Luis Alfredo Rivas-Clase, who also has tied to Reading, Pennsylvania, as well.

Rivas-Clase is wanted for a 2018 shooting in Reading.

The authorities also believe that Carlos Alvarez — nicknamed “Carlos Nike” — and Jose Eduardo Ciprian Lebron — nicknamed “Chuky” — may have been involved in plotting the attack on Ortíz. The authorities also believe the alleged suspects were paid $7,800 in United States money to attack the former first baseman and designated hitter.

Ortíz is beloved in the Dominican Republic. He is also considered one of the best players the country has ever produced.

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