“Bone” sentenced to one-year in jail for Ortíz shooting

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

A man, who has the nickname “Bone” has been sentenced to one-year in preventive prison for his involvement in the Dominican Republic shooting of baseball legend David Ortíz. While “Bones” will be in prison, the authorities are still looking for the mastermind of the attack.

The authorities say they are getting closer to that suspect. 10 people have been arrested by the Dominican Republic authorities, including one woman, with alleged connections to the attempted murder of the baseball great.

Prison (Photo by Pixabay.com)

Despite 10 people being in custody, they are still looking for one man, who is nicknamed “The Surgeon.” Luis Rivas-Clase, who has ties to Reading, Pennsylvania — who also alleged was involved in a shooting there, as well — is still at large.

The authorities are also reportedly looking for another individual besides Rivas-Clase.

The hearing on Monday was closed to the public. The authorities also did not release much details about the hearing.

Yet, Gabriel Alexander Perez Vizcaino, whose nickname is Bones, is being accused as being a liaison between the alleged gunman and the alleged person, who paid for the hit.

Vizcaino is already in prison for an unrelated case. The alleged mastermind reached out to Vizcaino a week before the shooting on the beloved player in Santo Domingo, Big Papi’s hometown.

A picture was shared with the alleged suspects in the case, who gathered before the shooting at a nearby gas station. However, the authorities have not said if the picture was of Ortíz.

Vizcaino — who is also being identified as Perez in some stories — also allegedly sold an iPhone that was used to help plan the attack. The phone was sold to a woman for $180 a day after the shooting.

“He did this upon finding out that police were looking for him,” the police documents state.

“Trust the authorities,” Ortíz’s attorney José Martínez Hoepelman said. “They have worked tirelessly to obtain the results that we have so far. We all want more information, but we have to wait.”

The authorities also said that the hit was made for $400,000 Dominican pesos, which is approx. $7,800 in US dollars.

Big Papi is at Massachusetts General Hospital recovering. He has been there a week after the shooting on June 9.

Following the shooting, Ortíz was rushed to the hospital and had his first surgery, where they removed his gallbladder, and also part of his intestines. He had a second surgery after arriving in Boston, Mass.

He reportedly visited the Dominican Republic several times per year.

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