Ohio coaches fired for drinking at football camp

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

According to USA Today High School Sports, several coaches at Revere High School football coaches in Ohio have been let go after they were reportedly drinking at a football camp during the off-season. It was nine coaches.

The coaches were officially dismissed on Tuesday during a school board meeting, according to the Akron Beacon Journal. The incident happened during their summer training period between June 10-12 at Heidelberg University.

Beer (Photo by Pixabay)

While the news is just making light now, the school knew about this news almost immediately. They took action on June 11 when the coaches were placed on leave.

Officials with the school, who were also there at Heidelberg, brought the information. This led to the decision to eventually terminate the coaches, who were allegedly involved in the incident.

“Our coaches brought alcohol to a dry campus,” Revere Superintendent Matthew Montgomery told the Beacon Journal. “They disposed of the empty alcohol canisters on private property. One of them engaged in other highly inappropriate conduct at that time.

“The degree to which these coaches were consuming alcohol is not a deciding factor here. The issue is that our coaches engaged in the consumption of alcohol while participating in a school-related activity. This is a great group of coaches, but the standard is clearly defined. We cannot permit or condone the consumption of any alcohol by coaches while in charge of students.”

Head coach James Boyeas was one of the coaches let go. He has been replaced by former coach Terry Cistone, who will lead the team for the 2019 season.

Parents were outraged due to the incident. While some said it was too severe, others claimed the problem was with the school board.

The program — despite what the parents think — will move on under the leadership of Cistone.

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