Soccer player Sturridge’s missing dog returned to him

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Soccer player Daniel Sturridge is one happy man right now. He was able to get his stolen dog, Lucci, back into his custody.

It is unknown exactly when the dog was returned, but he posted a video on social media on Wednesday announcing the dog was back with him. Lucci was stolen from him on Monday during a burglary.

Former Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge is tackled by Aaron Mooney against Huddersfield Town
Daniel Sturridge is tackled by Aaron Mooney against Huddersfield Town (Getty Images)

While Sturridge offered a reward of £ $30,000 to have his dog returned, he reportedly did not pay a ransom for his dog. He did not believe, according to TMZ, that the person, who returned the dog, was one of the burglars, who stole Lucci and other items from the home.

It is not clear how the individual — who returned the dog to Sturridge — was able to get possession of the dog.

Three individuals — according to Sturridge’s surveillance cameras — were seen outside of the house before the burglary took place. TMZ is also reporting that the authorities also have video from a neighbor leaving the home and getting into a black vehicle.

Besides taking the dog, the burglars also allegedly took other items. Sturridge admitted on Monday that they took other items, but he was more concerned about his beloved dog than those material items.

He has not said what other items have been stolen. Plus, the authorities may be urging him to not to talk about those items, as they continue to investigate the crime.

At this time though, none of the individuals have been identified.

The Birmingham, England native last played for Liverpool. He played for the team for 2013 through 2019 besides a loan to West Bromwich Albion in 2018.

He was released by the team in June 2019.

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