Sparks’ Williams suspended 10 games for domestic incident

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

On Tuesday, the WNBA announced the suspension of guard Riquna Williams. The Los Angeles Sparks player will not receive any money during her 10-game suspension, according to the Associated Press.

Williams was suspended following the WNBA’s investigation into her domestic violence incident. In April, she was arrested and charged with two felonies.

Basketball (Photo by

She was charges with assault of an individual with who she was in a relationship with. The other charge was a threatening another person with a firearm.

Besides the suspension, Williams is also required to go through counseling.

“As an organization, we abhor violence of any kind and specifically take domestic violence allegations very seriously,” the Sparks said in a statement. “We will provide whatever resources we are allowed to help Riquna learn and grow from this unfortunate situation.”

The 10-game suspension is the largest in recently years. According to the AP, it surpasses previous suspensions to Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson in 2015 following their domestic violence arrests.

However, Rhonda Mapp was dismissed from the league in 2003 after she violated the league’s drug policy. She never returned following her suspension.

Williams allegedly forced her way into a home where she nit Alkeria Davis in the head. She also allegedly pulled Davis’ hair during the incident, according to the arrest report, on Dec. 6.

Eye witnesses attempted to break up the fight. Following the two were separated, Williams allegedly went to her vehicle and retrieved a gun, before placing it on the trunk, then threatened one man saying, ‘you’ll get all 18,’ before leaving the scene.

Williams and Davis reportedly separated in November. Before the December incident, Davis said the two were together on and off for five years.

The Sparks signed Williams on May 15 despite Williams facing burglary and aggravated assault charges.

“We are disappointed with the league’s actions. There is an ongoing criminal proceeding and in fairness to the player, the league could have and should have awaited its completion before taking any action,” said Terri Jackson, executive director of the union.

“Riquna has not had a fair opportunity to fully defend herself. We are immediately filing a grievance and will seek the arbitrator’s review.”

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