Anderson leads Pro Stock Friday at 2019 Dodge Mile-High Nationals

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Greg Anderson is looking to become the new King of the Mountain. Anderson is looking for his second straight win at Thunder Mountain.

Anderson went 6.980 at 196.30 mph on Friday at the 40th annual Dodge Mile-High NHRA Nationals presented by Pennzoil. The Charlotte, North Carolina native is looking for his 104th No. 1 qualifier of his career if his 6.980 can hold up on Saturday.

Pro Stock driver Greg Anderson 2019 Dodge Mile-High Nationals presented by Pennzoil
Greg Anderson racing on Friday at the Dodge Mile-High Nationals presented by Pennzoil (Photo by the NHRA)

“I love it here. It’s a huge challenge but it’s fun because it’s the biggest challenge we have to face all year long,” said Anderson. “Everything is different. We basically lift the gas cap up and slide a new car underneath it. We change gearing and suspension and just about everything else you can change. We knew today was a practice day based on the weather, but its’ still data you need. We’re right on schedule so far. You can pull your hair out up here but you have to adapt and make the right changes. I feel like we’ve got the best group when it comes to making changes.

“I have a solid chance for the pole and a solid chance for a win on Sunday,” Anderson said. “I haven’t had one since last year and I feel like this is my best chance.”

American Ethanol Pro Stock driver Deric Kramer is the provisional No. 2 qualifier. The Sterling, Colorado native went 6.981 at 196.04 mph.

Melling Performance/Elite Performance Pro Stock driver Erica Enders is the provisional No. 3 qualifier. The Houston, Texas native went 6.995 at 196.47 mph. Performance Pro Stock driver Jeg Coughlin Jr. is the provisional No. 4 qualifier. The Delaware, Ohio native went 7.001 at 196.59 mph.

Summit Racing Equipment Pro Stock driver Jason Line is the provisional No. 5 qualifier. The Mooresville, North Carolina went 7.004 at 195.70 mph.

The rest of the provisional field looked like this:

6. Matt Hartford, Camaro, 7.007, 196.16 mph

7. Kenny Delco, Camaro, 7.011, 195.45 mph

8. Steve Matusek, Ford Mustang, 7.014, 195.82 mph

9. Bo Butner, Camaro, 7.015, 196.59 mph

10. Val Smeland, Camaro, 7.020, 193.05 mph

11. Richard Freeman, Camaro, 7.022, 195.31 mph

12. Fernando Cuadra, Camaro, 7.030, 195.85 mph

13. Chris McGaha, Camaro, 7.040, 195.28 mph

14. Alex Laughlin, Camaro, 7.047, 195.11 mph

15. Fernando Cuadra Jr., Camaro, 7.064, 194.72 mph

16. Cristian Cuadra, Mustang, 7.293, 187.42 mph

Not Qualified: 17. Joey Grose, 11.958, 74.22. 

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