Beckham Jr.: I was disrespected by trade

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

According to GQ, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. felt disrespected by the blockbuster trade. Beckham Jr. was traded in the off-season to Cleveland, Ohio from the New York Giants.

He also said the team wasn’t “man enough” to tell him that he had been traded. He said he learned that he was traded through messages while he was in Paris.

Former New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. looks on from the bench against the Jacksonville Jaguars
Odell Beckham Jr. looks on from the bench against the Jacksonville Jaguars (Getty Images)

“My initial reaction was not disappointment… I felt disrespected,” Beckham Jr. said to GQ’s Mark Anthony Green. “Like, after everything I’ve done for them. This is me being honest: This team has not been good for the last six years. Period. Even the year we went to the playoffs and everyone was talking about this and that. And we went there, and I didn’t have a great playoff game. Don’t get me wrong, I had a terrible game. But I left the game with seven targets, and I’m supposed to be your No. 1 receiver.

“… I felt disrespected because I felt like I was a main reason at keeping that brand alive. They were getting prime-time games, still, as a 5-11 team. Why? Because people want to see the show. You want to see me play. That’s just real rap. I’m not sitting here like, ‘It’s because of me.’ But it’s just be real. That’s why we’re still getting prime-time games. I felt disrespected they weren’t even man enough to sit me down to my face and tell me what’s going on.”

In the same story, he says that he has respect for Giants President and GM John Mara. However, his disrespect, he says, is with General Manager Dave Gettleman and Head Coach Pat Shurmur.

Gettleman traded Beckham Jr. just seven months after he had signed a five-year, $90 million deal with the team. He even said following his new contract, he felt like he was unwanted by the new administration.

“I can’t do this anymore,” he said. “I just can’t do it. I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t in a good place. … I felt like everything is about happiness, and I just was not.”

He even said that he considered retiring as a 24-year-old during the 2016 season.

“Twenty-four-years-old,” he said. “Just off it. To love something so much to a place where it is my everything, and to watch it be tainted, or all kinds of things to be in the middle of it. Like, it hurt me to my soul. It be like loving someone and putting them on such a level to where life is about them and you love that person through anything. Through the good, the bad. And to watch them do something so heinous and vulgar. Something just so, like, almost unforgivable. You still love them, but it’s, like, wow.”

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