Take Me Out to the Ball Game — 5 Baseball Stadiums You’ve Gotta Visit

Baseball is a classic American pastime with a rich history and deep cultural roots. With 30 Major League Stadiums sprinkled across the USA, picking the best stadium to visit might be a tough choice for any baseball lover. But if you want to see the best of the best in baseball, the following five unforgettable stadiums should be on your list. 

Fenway Park

There is a reason why the oldest active major league park in the country is also ranked as one of America’s top 25 landmarks according to The Boston Globe. Not only is Fenway a beautifully appointed stadium, but Red Sox fans are also among the most devoted you will find. Even if you’re not supporting Boston (gasp!), you won’t be able to resist chiming in with the rest of the fans when Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” is played during the seventh-inning stretch. 


Dodger Stadium

Los Angeles residents will tell you that this ballpark (sometimes referred to as “Chavez Ravine” due to its Sulphur Canyon locale) is the best in the country. Don’t take their word for it—go take in a game for yourself. Don’t forget to try the garlic fries—perfectly crisp, hot fries seasoned with olive oil and minced garlic. Get Your Guide explains that depending on when you visit, tours are offered several times daily.  

Wrigley Field

The Chicago Cubs finally broke the “Curse of the Goat” in 2016 when they took home their first championship title in 108 years. However, not even the “cursed” years could keep diehard Cubs fans and tourists alike from visiting this scenic ballpark, located right on Addison Street in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Curbed says that nostalgia is the name of the game at Wrigley, which didn’t play a single night game until 1988 (the argument being that our national pastime was meant to be played under the sun). 

Miller Park

The home of the Milwaukee Brewers is famous for its sixth-inning sausage races, during which five individuals (dressed as sausages, of course) sprint from the dugout to the third baseline. According to Avis, the tradition began in the 1990s as a promotion for Klement’s Sausage Company and has only grown in popularity over the years. Catch a game at the stadium, then head over to the Five O’ Clock Steakhouse for a meat lover’s feast. 

Camden Yards

Once you have made one visit to Oriole headquarters, you will want to keep coming back for more. As if the beauty of the Baltimore park weren’t enough, the scene at Eutaw Street (located just inside the gates) has a relaxed, neighborly vibe—perfect for quaffing a few cold ones before the game. While you are waiting, try a Boog’s BBQ sandwich (the pulled pork is a standout) or a wiener from Polock Johnny’s.

Each Major League Baseball stadium is unique and has its own food, traditions, and more. Taking a chance to visit different stadiums and explore what each one offers will definitely be an awesome experience. 

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