Lawsuit claims Cowboys, police covered up Zeke’s 2017 crash

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher 

According to TMZ Sports, the Dallas Cowboys and the authorities covered up Ezekiel Elliott’s 2017 crash information. The information could have made Elliott miss an NFL playoff game, the lawsuit alleges.

The accident happened on January 11, 2017. The crash happened four days before the Cowboys played the Green Bay Packers in an NFC Divisional playoff game. 

The lawsuit alleges Elliott was responsible for the accident when he crashed his GMC Yukon into a BMW driven by Ronnie Hill. The lawsuit says Elliott was on his way to the team’s practice when the crash happened. 

Hill claims Elliott “barreled through a red light.” The accident caused more than $33,000 in damage to Hill’s BMW, according to the story.

He also claimed he suffered “serious and permanent” injuries from the accident.

Hill says the two vehicles were “wedges together” because of the speed of the accident. He said a two truck had to separate them.

When the accident happened, according to the post, the Frisco Police Dept. said it was a minor vehicle crash. Hill claims it was worse.

His lawsuit claims the Cowboys “conspired with the Frisco Police Dept. to cover up the severity of the accident to assure that Elliott’s health would not be placed in question before their playoff game.”

His lawsuit also claims, “If anyone had actually reported the impact of the accident and had Elliott been examined he would have most likely been placed in concussion protocol and out for the Dallas Cowboys upcoming playoff game.”

The lawsuit also says Cowboys running back coach Gary Brown rushed to the scene. He also alleged Hill told him, “We will take care of everything.”

His lawsuit was filed by attorney Larry Friedman. Hill also claims that the Cowboys have not taken care of it.

He is suing the star running back and America’s team for $20 million in damages.

“Ezekiel Elliott believes he’s above the law,” Friedman said. “He doesn’t follow any rules. As a citizen and a member of our community, he has a duty to obey the law and act responsibly, especially while driving a motor vehicle.

“There are no exemptions for running backs or members of the Dallas Cowboys. He has admitted liability in this case but refuses to take responsibility as he has refused to take responsibility on so many other occasions when he has disobeyed the law. My client is suing for compensation for his injuries and wants his day in court.”

The Cowboys lost the playoff game to the Packers. He had 125 rushing yards in the loss.

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