Coughlin Jr. leads Pro Stock on Friday at 2019 Northwest Nationals

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

JEGS/Elite Performance Pro Stock driver is atop his category on Friday at the Magic Dry Organic Absorbent NHRA Northwest Nationals. He went 6.539 at 210.57 mph at Pacific Raceways in Kent, Washington.

If his time holds up on Saturday, it’ll be his first No. 1 qualifier of the season. And it’ll also be his 30th No. 1 qualifier of his career.

Pro Stock driver Jeg Coughlin Jr. racing on Friday at the 2019 Magic Dry Organic Absorbent NHRA Northwest Nationals
Jeg Coughlin Jr. racing on Friday at the 2019 Magic Dry Organic Absorbent NHRA Northwest Nationals (Photo by tthe NHRA)

“We had really good conditions with cloud cover and cooling rain but we felt like we left a little on the table in Q1 and tried to sweep that up in Q2,” said Coughlin, who won this race back in 2002 and also has three career runner-ups at Pacific Raceways, most recently in 2015. “I was a little lazy on the 1-2 shift in Q2 and tickled the limiter a little bit that didn’t help our efficiency, but it was still good enough to rack up the No. 1 spot. The track was really killer and it’s just a testament to the Elite Motorsports team. We’re ready to race. From the pit angle we’re feeling really confident and I feel great behind the wheel, and that’s a great combination.”

Havoline sponsored Pro Stock driver Alex Laughlin is the provisional No. 2 qualifier. The Bluff Dale, Texas native went 6.541 at 210.64 mph.

Melling Performance/Elite Performance sponsored Pro Stock driver Erica Enders is the provisional No. 3 qualifier. The Houston, Texas native went 6.542 at 210.97 mph.

Summit Racing Equipment Pro Stock driver Jason Line is the provisional No. 4 qualifier. The Troutman, North Carolina native went 6.547 at 210.57 mph.

American Ethanol Pro Stock driver Deric Kramer is the provisional No. 5 qualifier. The Sterling, Colorado native went 6.550 at 210.37 mph.

The rest of the provisional field looked like this:

6. Greg Anderson, Camaro, 6.558, 209.52 mph

7. Fernando Cuadra, Camaro, 6.559, 210.21 mph

8. Bo Butner, Camaro, 6.564, 209.92 mph

9. Matt Hartford, Camaro, 6.564, 209.46 mph

10. Chris McGaha, Camaro, 6.566, 210.50 mph

11. Kenny Delco, Camaro, 6.570, 210.21 mph

12. Fernando Cuadra Jr., Camaro, 6.577, 209.23 mph

13. Val Smeland, Camaro, 6.587, 209.49 mph

14. Steve Matusek, Ford Mustang, 6.588, 209.52 mph

15. Steve Graham, Camaro, 6.615, 208.20 mph

16. Alan Prusiensky, Dodge Dart, 6.622, 208.39 mph

Not Qualified:

17. Joey Grose, 6.672, 207.94 mph

18. Cristian Cuadra, 7.564, 198.67 mph

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