Richard Rawlings gets engaged in México

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Richard Rawlings – the owner of Gas Monkey Garage – got engaged over the weekend in México. He proposed to Katerina Deason while the couple were in Quintana Roo, México.

Rawlings – who is a star on his own TV show, Fast N’ Loud – received the answer he wanted. Deason said yes.

Love (Photo by Pixabay)

“The very second I laid eyes on you I knew… Then only seconds later I realized your unbelievable beauty and grace came from within,” Rawlings said in a social media post. “Right then I decided I wanted to spend all my seconds with you… Katerina you are my everything and I promise to make the rest of our lives full of love and laughter… You truly are my best friend and soulmate… May God guide us through the rest of our lives as One… I love you with all that I am. R”

Deason said she did not believe what she watched in movies or read in books would ever happen to her.

“I watched these moments happen in movies, read about them in books, but never really thought it would happen to me,” she wrote on Instagram. “But, God and my Mom in heaven worked overtime to bless me with beautiful, kind, loving man, who has kept me smiling since our first date. I love you Richard with all my heart and I promise to live every day trying to make you as happy as you have made me.”

Besides being the owner of Gas Monkey Garage, he also has owns Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill and Gas Monkey Live. He also hosts Garage Rehab on the Discovery Channel. In addition, he also is very involved in the motorsports community, as he is part of the sponsorship for “The Surfer” Jeff Diehl’s Funny Car.

He has also funded BJ Johnson’s Monster Truck and sponsored Sage Karam in the Indianapolis 500 in 2016 with the co-sponsorship of Havoline.

Rawlings and Deason were joined on the trip by his sister Daphne and his brother-in-law Ken Kaminski, according to

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