Report: Raiders planning to hit AB with suspension

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

The Oakland Raiders are planning to suspend wide receiver Antonio Brown. It is not clear when the suspension will be handed down.

However, we do know that, Brown and General Manager Mike Mayock reportedly ‘got into it’ on Wednesday. The wide receiver posted on his Instagram account on Wednesday that he was tired of being fined by the team.

Former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown reacts to scoring a touchdown reception against the Tennessee Titans
Antonio Brown reacts to scoring a touchdown reception against the Tennessee Titans (Getty Images)

It has been a wild off-season after Brown was acquired by the Raiders. The Pittsburgh Steelers unloaded the headache for two draft picks back in March.

On Wednesday, he posted his displeasure over a $13,950 file for missing the team’s walk through on August 22nd. He was previously fined $40,000 for missing the team’s training camp on August 18.

“When your own team want[s] to hate, but there’s no stopping me now,” Brown wrote in the Instagram story. “Devil is a lie. Everyone got to pay this year, so we clear.”

Since that time, Brown has threatened retirement over a helmet. He missed time in training camp because of the helmet.

Brown filed two grievances with the league over the helmet. However, the NFL did not back down — and told the wide receiver that he could not be able to use the old helmet that he used throughout his career.

The helmet in question that he filed the grievance about has been outlawed by the league because it does not have the newer equipment to protect their head better.

By hitting Brown with a suspension, it would void all of his guaranteed money, $29 million, in his three-year contract with the team. It would make it easier to move on from the unhappy player, who previously said he doesn’t need football.

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