Former athlete Justin Crawford sentenced to at least 12-years behind bars

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Former college football player Justin Crawford has pleaded guilty to child molestation and sodomy. He entered a plea agreement with the prosecutors, according to the New York Times.

Crawford — who played for the West Virginia Mountaineers — will be behind bars for at least 12 years. His alleged victim was 12-years-old — and he allegedly claimed it was her idea to have sex with a minor.

Prison (Photo by

Judge Gil McBride sentenced Crawford to 20-years in jail, but he must serve at least 12-years. He final eight years will be probation, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer reported.

McBride also said that Crawford must register as a sex offender. He also is now allowed by the victim or her family.

In addition, he cannot have any contact with children under 18, including his own children.

The father of three agreed to take the plea deal, as prosecutors dismissed three felony charges that he was facing. One of the felony charges was aggravated child molestation, which had Crawford facing at least 25-years behind bars for that charge alone if he was convicted.

Defense attorney Michael Eddings, according to the Ledger-Enquirer, said Crawford was depressed after being released from the Atlanta Falcons. He said Crawford had a ‘very gross moral departure.’

He was arrested on Oct. 13, 2018. Several days later after his arrest, during his preliminary hearing, Crawford’s wife admitted that she walked in Crawford and the young girl in their living room around 5 am.

Crawford played two seasons with the Mountaineers in 2016 and 2017. He had 354 carries for 2,244 yards in 25 games. He also had 11 rushing touchdowns.

He also had 22 receptions for 106 yards and an additional touchdown.

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