College Football coach resigned for ‘scoring too much’

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Devin Dourisseau, formerly the Avondale (Arizona) La Joya Community College head football coach, resigned after his team scored too much. He reportedly was asked to resign.

Joe Williams, the team’s athletic director, reportedly approached Dourisseau and asked him to resign following the team’s 60-0 homecoming win over Copper Canyon. The East Valley Tribune is reporting that Williams told Dourisseau to stop scoring.

Football (Photo by Pixabay)

When Dourisseau was approached and allegedly not to stop scoring by Williams, the team was already up 30 points. Dourisseau reportedly told Williams ‘no’ when he was asked to stop scoring.

Following that interaction, Principal Stacie Almarez reportedly told an assistant coach, ‘If you want ‘Double D (Dourisseau’s nickname) on the sidelines for Valley Vista (team’s next opponent), you’d better stop scoring now.’

Dourisseau said he put the second and third string players in. However, the team would not stop scoring, as they scored 30 points in the second half.

“I had second and third string guys in. But if I tell them to stop trying, what does that say about me as a coach? That’s not how I want to run my program,” Dourisseau said.

The Tribune reported that Dourisseau was reprimanded for scoring 60 points in the game. He resigned following a meeting with Williams and Almarez.

“If the other coach and the other team didn’t think we were running the score up, and nobody else did except them, that’s on them. Now that means they’re questioning my integrity, how I handle myself and my program, and that’s frustrating. I can’t work for an organization like that,” he said.

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