HS football team invites band to play at their game in Michigan

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

According to Fox 8 Cleveland, a high school football team made a perfect connection recently. The Glen Lake Lakers football team does not have a band that plays at their games.

They found out that a team, which had a band, cancelled their season. This opened up an opportunity for this marching band to play at the Glen Lake games.

Marching Band
Marching Band (Photo by Pixabay)

The Lakers invited the band to play at their home games.

“No Friday night football games under those lights is complete without your sideline cheer team and a marching bad,” Glen Lake Assistant Principal and Athletic Director Mark Mattson said.

The Forest Area school marching band played at the Glen Lake football game on Friday night. They even learned the Lakers fight song, according to the story.

“They were just over the moon excited to go [and] be able to play at a different location, ” Forest Area Principal Kelly Holeman said. “It was something new and fun.”

The Maple City, Michigan team defeated Gladstone High School Braves 31-7 on Friday, Sept. 27.

“It didn’t take long for the two schools to connect and become one in supporting each others’ cause,” Mattson said.

He also added that the Forest Area marching band is welcome back anytime to play music once again.

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