How Can I Improve My Golf Game?

By The Capital Sports Report Staff

Golfing is a sport that, at a glance, seems to be relatively simple. Anyone who has ever picked up a golf club and swung away at the tee can surely tell you otherwise. It’s easy to be deterred by the challenge that golf presents. If you stick with it though, these tips can help you get your game on par with other golf enthusiasts.

The Long Game

The long game consists of every stroke you take to get to the green. According to the International Junior Golf Academy, there are three main parts to work on when improving your long game. The drive, fairway shot, and approach shot all require slightly different skills to perfect. Here’s what you should remember:

  • The drive focuses mainly on distance, with less accuracy in mind.
  • The fairway shot requires a balance of distance and accuracy, due to the higher volume of hazards in this area.
  • The approach shot is almost entirely about accuracy.
Golf (Photo by Pixabay)

Going to a golf range can help immensely with getting power behind your drive shot. For improved accuracy and environmental awareness, playing a course alone or with friends will build up your skills.

The Short Game

You’ve been practicing your long game, and you’re confident that you can get the ball to the green. Now, what can you do to put the ball in the hole? Just like the long game, practice makes perfect. Luckily, there are many tools to help you improve your short game. According to Celebrity Greens Phoenix, installing a putting green in your own backyard affords you the opportunity to practice at your leisure, and making it out of artificial turf allows you to save thousands of dollars. Being able to practice frequently with a set-up like this will surely improve your short game.

Knowing Your Clubs

According to Golf Tips, one of the main things that separate the pros from the amateurs is knowing which club to use for each situation. Getting the most distance from your drive shot isn’t always the right choice. You don’t want your ball landing at an awkward distance between the fairway and green. Knowing the difference in power and accuracy for each of your clubs can increase your skill set exponentially. Take the time during your practice sessions to really get to know your equipment. You won’t regret the extra time it takes to gain a little knowledge of your tools.

Golfing can be a fun and relaxing activity for you and your friends to enjoy. Don’t let the frustration of missed shots and lost balls deter you. Just like with anything worth doing, practice makes perfect in golf!

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