Mount Vernon’s Art Briles uses two ineligible players

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Mount Vernon High School Tigers head football coach Art Briles has used two ineligible players, according to ESPN. The players were ruled ineligible by the governing body, who oversees Texas high school sports.

Brock Nellor and Cameron Nellor have been ruled ineligible by the University Interscholastic League’s State Executive Committee. The committee ruled that the two players made the switch of schools because of ‘athletic purposes.’

Football (Photo by Pixabay)

The UIL has a mandatory requirement that any player, who transfers for ‘athletic purposes’ must sit out one year before being able to participate with their new teammates. The committee ruled 4-1 against an appeal, according to ESPN, by the family.

Briles was hired by the school in May. He was in attendance during the ruling.

“We’re disappointed in the decision of the state executive committee,” said Mount Vernon ISD superintendent Jason McCullough, who made a statement to reporters but did not take questions. “But we have to respect that; that’s their role. We still believe that the Nellors moved to Mount Vernon as they should have the right to and that it was not for athletic purposes, but unfortunately, that’s what the state executive committee upheld from the local decision.

“We’re disappointed in that, but I guess there’s nothing else we can do about it from here.”

Despite the players transferring for ‘athletic purposes,’ Mike Motheral did not say they were recruited by Briles. In fact, Motheral, the Chairman of the UIL’s State Executive Committee, said, ‘Briles was not accused of recruiting the players to the school.’

“It wasn’t about recruitment,” Motheral said. “I just want to make sure to go on record to say that Coach Briles and his staff, none of those folks were ever accused in this and they are not guilty of any kind of recruitment.”

The mother of the two boys said that the family moved to Mount Vernon for several reasons. Among the reasons that she cited was a job opportunity and ‘a chance to be in a smaller community that fit what the family desired,’ according to ESPN.

She claimed that the decision was not based on athletics.

“They made a family decision, they came down and scouted, looking for a community to move into in the northeast Texas area,” said Tiger Hanner, the family’s attorney. “The first time they talked to Lynx about all this was to say ‘Hey, we’re coming down [to Mount Vernon] …when they made the decision that ‘This is where we’re gonna go,’ they told Lynx ‘We’re coming down.'”

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