St. John’s lax captain Stockfeder arrested for stabbing roommate

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

According to the New York Daily News, the St. John’s Red Storm lacrosse captain has been arrested for stabbing his roommate. The authorities said that the captain tried to ‘disemboweling’ the roommate.

The incident escalated following an argument at a frat house, the authorities said. Matthew Stockfeder was arrested on Tuesday on assault charges at a home several blocks from the campus.

Handcuffs (Photo by

The 21-year-old lived with the alum, authorities said. The two lives several blocks from the frat house.

The alumni complained that Stockfeder’s music was too loud after he arrived back at home from work. Stockfeder and an unidentified roommate, the story says, went to the frat house to watch the New England Patriots and New York Jets game on Monday Night Football.

Around midnight, the authorities allege, the alumni went to the frat house to confront Stockfeder. The captain was allegedly sending him teasing text messages.

The two then got into it. They wrestled to the ground, the story says, before Stockfeder allegedly got a knife and stabbed the alumni in the stomach.

The story says that the alumni had a five-inch stab wound in the alumni’s stomach. It also punctured his small intestine, the court records said.

The alumni was transported to New York-Presbyterian Queens hospital, where he had surgery. He is expected to survive the attack.

The victim told the authorities that he was fighting with Stockfeder when he felt a ‘sharp pain to his stomach.’

Stockfeder turned himself in to the authorities on Wednesday, according to the post. He is being held on $5,000 bail.

“The University is aware of an incident involving a student and an alum that occurred at an off-campus location, not owned by the University, and is fully cooperating with the investigation by law enforcement officials,” St. John’s University spokesman Brian Browne said.

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