Memphis gets restraining order, Wiseman will play

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Memphis Tigers have blocked the NCAA’s ruling that freshman big man James Wiseman is ineligible. With this, he is now expected to play.

A short time ago, It was ruled that Wiseman was indelible. However, the Tigers were able to get a temporary restraining order to allow him to play at least on Friday night.

Memphis Tigers center James Wiseman looks down the court against the South Carolina State Bulldogs
James Wiseman looks down the court against the South Carolina State Bulldogs (Photo by the Memphis Tigers Athletic Department)

The NCAA ruled Wiseman indelible for after getting help from Penny Hardaway in 2018. The former NBA player reportedly helped Wiseman and his family to move to Memphis, Tennessee.

This was before Hardaway was the Tigers men’s basketball head coach. Since Hardaway paid money to his alma mater before that meant he was considered a booster in terms of the NCAA.

Thus, Wiseman was ruled ineligible before the temporary restraining order.

“The University of Memphis is enjoying a tremendous period of positive momentum and success on multiple fronts including the excitement surrounding our men’s basketball program,” Laird Veatch, University of Memphis Director of Athletics said. “This matter is extremely unfortunate and frustrating at this special time in our history. We will continue to be cooperative, respectful and professional in our dealings with the NCAA, while availing ourselves of every resource in the best interests of our student-athletes, our coach, and our University. 

“It is clear to me in my short time here that Memphians will stand up and fight, both for each other and for what is right, and I am proud to stand with them.

In his first-game with the Tigers, he had 28 points. He also had 11 rebounds, one assist, and three blocks in 22 minutes.

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