NHRA needs to hit Torrence hard, take points and races away

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

The NHRA has finally released a statement on the incident that happened in the first-round between Steve Torrence and Cameron Ferré. Torrence felt that what Ferré did was not acceptable — but it was legal.

This led the Kilgore, Texas to go after the Huntington Beach, California driver, who is living his dreams, just like Torrence, but on a way smaller budget. Torrence shoved or punched — depending on your belief — on the incident.

Capco Contractors Top Fuel Dragster pilot Steve Torrence celebrating his 2019 Top Fuel World Championship at the Auto Club NHRA Finals
Steve Torrence celebrating his 2019 Top Fuel World Championship at the Auto Club NHRA Finals (Photo by Steve Torrence/Facebook)

“The NHRA is disappointed in the situation that occurred between Steve Torrence and Cameron Ferré after the first round of Top Fuel competition at the Auto Club NHRA Finals,” NHRA statement said. “We are evaluating the matter and any potential penalties will be assessed after a thorough review.”

It all began because Ferré tried to get an advantage on Torrence. However, what he did was totally legal by deep staging the Capco Contractors driver.

Heck, a 70-year-old living legend John Force has been deep staging his opponents for a long-time. However, you don’t see any of them getting in a hissy fit because of it.

While it was legal, Torrence and the entire Capco Contractors team took exception to it. Maybe he couldn’t accept the Championship pressure and it let out.

He also said that the emotions of a little boy’s death got to him. But regardless, his actions were wrong. If he had done it in any other motorsports governing body, it probably would have been disqualified and not allowed to compete again.

Torrence — if he was competing in those series — he might have been suspended several races — and even lost his Championship. Doug Kalitta is just three points behind Torrence for the 2019 Top Fuel Championship.

So, if the NHRA does hit him with a harsh penalty, they need to take points away, along with a suspension for several races in 2020. Just days earlier, the NFL suspended Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett indefinitely after he used a helmet and hit an opposing player in the head with it.

Funny Car Chaos said if this were to happen in their series, the person needs to be banned for life. The NHRA likely won’t do that, but they should penalize him.

He is a rich kid, so hitting him in the wallet will not hurt him. However, if you take points away — and give the Championship to Kalitta — and makes him miss races in 2020, that’ll hurt him more than taking any money away.

While this was good for drag racing — and made a lot of people talk about it — it was also bad at the same time. This was very unprofessional and there should be harsh penalties for his actions.

There are 3 comments

  1. Tim Peters

    Even NASCAR takes points away & suspends people for less. He won the race & still hit the guy. He should of least lost points or that race. Y’all take points away for oil downs etc right away. So why did this not get immediate attention? Cause he is a rich silver spoon kid!! He shouldn’t of even got the race win after that. If y’all are going to let people like him get by with that like he has done for a few yrs. I’m done watching & comming to your events. I know allot other viewers feel the same way. No other sport allows that.

  2. Bruce Welch

    Torrence should’ve been DQ’d immediately after showing how big of a Baby that he is, doesn’t matter if it was a shove or a hit, he doesn’t have the right to put his hands on another Driver out of Anger. He needs to be Stripped if points and the Championship. Doug is more deserving of the Championship, he always conducts himself in a Professional manor. Step up NHRA and do the right thing.
    Don’t turn into nascar and protect your favorites.

  3. Nick Garapolo

    I believe it was so unprofessional and should have been addressed at that moment to set an example. If I would would have been the president of NHRA Steve would have been suspended on the spot.

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