Report: NBA considering major changes to schedule

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

According to ESPN, the NBA is considering major changes in the future. The story says that the league is in discussions with the National Basketball Players Association, along with their broadcast partners, about the changes.

The proposed changes are that there would be a reseeding of the conference finalists. In addition, there would be a 30-team in-season tournament with a postseason play-in.

With this possible additions to the season, the league’s regular season would be shortened at least four games. Presently, teams compete in 82-game seasons. However, with this proposal, the minimum that a team would play would be 78 games.

The league hopes to have a vote on this idea in April at the league’s Board of Governors meeting. These proposals would likely begin, according to the post, during the NBA’s 75th anniversary season in 2021-22.

With these massive changes, there would be other obstacles that the league would have, especially, how they can arrange it to all work.

By making the postseason change, the league hopes to get the two best teams in the playoffs. Their sister league, according to ESPN, has been doing this for years, as the NBA seeds teams regardless of conference.

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