Hirschman wins Turkey Derby XLVI

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Matt Hirschman won his fourth Turkey Derby XLVI on Saturday at Wall Stadium in Wall, New Jersey. This was his first win since the 2016 event.

Hirschman also won in 2012 and 2013. He completed the 100 lap race in an hour and 27 minutes.

Driver Matt Hirschman waves to the crowd before a race in an undated photo
Matt Hirschman waves to the crowd (Photo by Matt Hirschman Racing)

Hirschman won the $5,000 prize for winning the race.

Those in attendance saw a wild ending. There was a wreck near the finish.

The promoter decided to end the race like that instead of doing a restart. Those in attendance were chanting for a restart.

He beat Zack Alspach, who finished second. Alspach was 1.865 seconds behind the winner.

Eddie McCarthy was the third place finisher. He was nearly three seconds off of the leader when he finished the race.

Andrew Krause and Jason Treat rounded out the Top 5.

Five-time Turkey Derby winner — the only five-time winner in the history of the event — Jimmy Blewett finished 13th. Tyler Truex, the cousin of Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series driver Martin Truex Jr., finished ninth.

Truex Jr. is a former Turkey Derby winner, as he won the race in 1999. Martin Truex Sr. also won the race in 1989.

Tyler Truex in his car at the 2019 Turkey Derby (Photo by Shawn Brennan)

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