Cowboys still expected to part ways with Jason Garrett

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

The Dallas Cowboys still have Jason Garrett as their head coach. At least for now.

Garrett met with the Jones family on Monday after meeting with his coaching staff. However, after the meeting, the Jones did not make a coaching change.

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett celebrates with his team against the Buffalo Bills on 2019 Thanksgiving Day
Jason Garrett celebrates with his team against the Buffalo Bills on 2019 Thanksgiving Day (Getty Images)

The current leader of the team has his contract expire on Jan. 14. The belief is that the Cowboys will make a coaching change at some point this week.

There was even a report from WFAA’s Mike Leslie that a coaching change happened on Monday. Those reports have not came true — at least not yet.

The Cowboys are unlikely to let Garrett go two more weeks as their head coach. This would mean that the coaches that they may target would be off the market.

The likelihood is that  Garrett will likely part ways with the franchise on his own terms instead of being fired. The reason being is that the Jones family consider him an adoptive son and by firing him, it would likely damage the relationship.

ESPN is reporting that Jones and Garrett will have a second meeting on Tuesday. The news regarding Garrett’s future will likely come after this meeting.

The Cowboys are targeting Baylor Bears head coach Matt Rhule. He is a hot commodity in the coaching circles and has several teams interested in him.

He is the big name like Kliff Kingsbury was last off-season before being hired by the Arizona Cardinals. The New York Giants — who used to be his employer in 2012 — are also very interested in hiring him as the team’s new head coach.

The 53-year-old Abington, Pennsylvania native has gone 85-67 in 152 games with the Cowboys. Six of his nine full seasons as the team’s head coach, they missed the playoffs.

Only twice during his tenure that the Boys advanced past the Wild Card round. The team defeated the Detroit Lions in the 2014 playoffs, before losing to the Green Bay Packers.

In 2018, the team defeated the Seattle Seahawks, before losing to the Los Angeles Rams.

During his tenure, only three times Dallas had 10 or more wins in a season. These were his lone playoff seasons, as the team had 12 wins in 2014, 13 wins in 2016, and a 10 win season in 2018.

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