Former NFL WR Antonio Brown is a wanted man in Florida

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Antonio Brown needs some help. Now, the authorities want him arrested for an incident that happened earlier this week.

The former NFL wide receiver has an arrest warrant issued for him. He is wanted for a burglary with battery charge.

Police Car
Police Car (Photo by Pixabay)

There was a large police presence at his home on Tuesday. However, the authorities left without arrest Brown.

He allegedly assaulted a driver, who works for a moving company. According to TMZ Sports, he threw a rock at the individual, before the alleged assault took place.

Brown is not the only person allegedly in trouble from this incident. His trainer Glen Holt was arrested on Tuesday outside of Brown’s Hollywood, Florida home.

The driver for the moving company claimed that he was there to drop off his belongings from California that was stored there. When the driver asked for a payment of $4,000, things escalated and Brown refused to pay the driver.

When the unnamed driver attempted to leave the scene with Brown’s items still in the rig, Brown allegedly threw a rock, which hit the 18-wheeler and put a dent on it. The rock also chipped the paint on the driver side door.

The driver then reported the incident to the authorities. TMZ is reporting that after the two had this incident, the driver was then asked to go back to Brown’s residence to deliver the items that were in the truck.

Moments later, the driver then told Brown it would be more than the $4,000 now, according to TMZ. The driver said it’ll be an additional $860 for the damage to the truck that was allegedly caused by Brown, along with extra work time.

Brown reportedly gave him the $4,000 for the shipment. However, there was no additional money handed over, as the two argued with each other. The driver then claimed next that Brown got into the cabin and struck him.

He then had to be held back. Holt allegedly took the keys, according to the driver, so Brown could try to get his items.

The driver and Holt then got into it with each other. A short time later, the driver claims he suffered cuts on his hands from the incident.

When Brown and his associates were removing items from the big rig, they allegedly removed items that belonged to others. The driver claimed that they threw it back and damaged the items in question.

The authorities then came to the residence. However, TMZ reported that when Brown saw them coming, he retreated back into the house and did not respond to the authorities when they tried to talk to him.

Holt has been charged with burglary with battery. The driver came away with scratches to his body, along with cuts to his finger.

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