Nationals suspect Astros of cheating in 2019 World Series

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher 

According to The Washington Post, Washington Nationals catcher Kurt Suzuki believes that the Houston Astros were cheating during the 2019 World Series. The Nationals won in seven games.

Suzuki said that the Nationals could hear it during the seven-game series. An MLB investigation previously said that the Astros used a sign-cheating scandal during the 2017 and 2018 seasons.

Sean Doolittle and Kurt Suzuki (Getty Images

“Oh, yeah, no question,” Suzuki said. “We could hear it from their dugout. We heard their whistling. What are you going to do?”

Suzuki told them reporter that the team used different signs than they used during the regular season in the World Series. Also, he admitted that the team even switched it up in at-bats. 

“When Max Scherzer has two strikes on you and he throws one 98 miles per hour near your head and you smash it — come on, nobody does that,” Suzuki said. “We got a couple of big strikeouts when their crowd was so loud they couldn’t hear. The whole thing was crazy. I got messed up on signs a couple of times, had to call time and take us out of rhythm. 

“I kept thinking, ‘We have to go to the field and work early on our signs in the World Series just to stop their cheating.’ It’s so stupid and so wrong.”

Astros owner Jim Crane said their cheating did not impact the game. But his players performed better at home than they did on the road. 

The road team won every game of the 2019 World Series. 

Even with the Astros getting caught — and former manager A.J. Hinch and former general manager Jeff Luhnow being suspended and eventually fired — their cheating had ramifications throughout baseball, according to Nationals closer Sean Doolittle. 

“Now . . . any time a player starts to improve or has a breakout season, any team that gets hot, there’s going to be those questions: How are they doing this? Is this tainted? Are they cheating?” Doolittle said. “Part of me wonders if you’re the kind of person that’s willing to do that, are you able to step back and see how that affects the integrity of the game? Can you see how it erodes public trust and fan confidence in the product that we have on the field?

“That’s the kind of stuff that I’ll be looking for when I see what they had to say. But they had how many months to put something together?”

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