Wicked Tuna Season 9 premieres on March 1st on Nat Geo

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

A new season of Wicked Tuna will premiere on Sunday, March 1st. The show will start at 9 pm EST on the National Geographic show.

This will be season 9 of the popular bluefin tuna fishing show. This show was taped between July through September 2019 in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Tuna (Photo by Pixabay)

The season-premiere will air between 9 pm EST through 11:34 pm EST. The description says, “veteran captains are challenged when a new fleet of outsiders is pitted against them.”

Pilgrim Media Group, which films the show, along with other popular shows, for National Geographic asked for new captains and teams for their show early last year. This means from the description that they selected new teams to compete with the current cast of Wicked Tuna.

It’s not clear at this time, who will be on the show from previous years. The likelihood is not all the previous captains are returning for the new season.

According to Gloucester Daily Times, captain Bob Cook in F/V Fat Tuna will be one of the new captains.

FV-Tuna.com won the 2019 title, which was the fifth overall since the show began in 2012. Dave Carraro — who has won the title four-times, including three in the last four-years — caught 19 bluefin tuna during the previous season. He won with $120,318.

He barely defeated Pin Wheel’s Tyler McLaughlin, who finished in second-place. McLaughlin caught 18 bluefin tuna and finished with $119,741.

McLaughlin is a two-time champion, as he won in 2013 and 2018. Besides Carraro and McLaughlin, Hard Merchandise’s Dave Marciano was the only other captain to win, as he won during the 2015 season.

Marciano won with 18 bluefin tuna caught and a total of $102,690. He defeated McLaughlin, who finished second with 16 bluefin tuna caught and $99,876.

Only two captains have been only every season. These captains are Marciano — who has appeared on the Hard Merchandise and The Falcon — while Carraro has only appeared on FV-Tuna.com.

Other captains from the previous seasons — who may appear on the new season — may include McLaughlin and crew on The PinWheel; TJ Ott and crew onboard The Hot Tuna, Paul Herbert onboard The Wicked Pissah; Brad Krasowski onboard The Fish Hawk, and Ralph Wilkins onboard The Odysea.

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