MSO wins inaugural Street Outlaws: Fastest in America

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

The Street Outlaws: Fastest in America concluded on Monday night. This was a controversial show for many, especially many readers, who read our content.

So many people have wondered why the 405 was not invited. There have been a lot of speculation about it, but nothing has been confirmed by either the Discovery Channel or Pilgrim Media Group, which films the show for Discovery.

Street Outlaws Fastest in America
Street Outlaws Fastest in America (Photo by Pilgrim Media Group)

We do know that the OG Street Outlaws, featuring the Oklahoma City crew, began filming their new season back in July. And this show was taped back in August and September, so that may have been conflicts of schedules.

JJ Da Boss previously said to The Capital Sports Report that racers were afraid to go to Memphis. But with this show, he got eight teams from around the country to compete in Memphis, Tennessee.

“Justin and Shawn are real street racers,” Day said in 2017. “They don’t mind if they’ll race on blacktop or asphalt. Most of the other people – the New Orleans crew and the other guys – most of them are really no prep racers, or no prep stars, which is what we call them. They are not real street racers. If they were, they would have already come to Memphis, TN, because we have a lot of money to bet. We’re always racing, but they never showed up.”

Team Nola, led by Kye Kelley, was one of eight teams, who competed in this show. Many of these drivers, like Kelley, Scott Taylor, Bobby Ducote, and Jerry Bird, also had to juggle the Street Outlaws No Prep Kings season three schedule when that was also being taped.

They also knew what was at stake. They knew they had to go through multiple teams, while Memphis just had to sit and watch, as the other teams got data and put passes on their equipment.

Despite that, Team Nola faced Team Memphis in the final round of the tournament. The final round of the show was taped in Las Vegas, Nevada on a virgin road back in late September.

Team Memphis was able to play the strategy right, as they were the first team to seven wins over Team Nola. With the win, they won the $100,000 prize.

With the race tied at five, it was supposed to be “John Doe” Scott Taylor vs. “Big Block Killer” Jeff James, but Taylor had problems with his car. JJ Da Boss then gave Taylor time to fix his car.

Then, JJ Da Boss faced “The Shocker” driven by Kelley to give Taylor the time he needed. The Shocker had problems, which gave Memphis the 6-5 lead.

In the final pairing, James defeated Taylor for the win. “John Doe” was not right even after being fixed.

At the end of the show, JJ Da Boss went into a garage that featured more teams to compete in the second season. And, no, the 405 will not be featured in the second season of the show either.

This was the second known time that there was a national call out on the show. Street Outlaws previously invited several teams to Oklahoma City to have a race.

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