2020 NFL Draft Betting Odds: Top Picks’ Strong and Weak Points

By The Capital Sports Report Staff

The COVID-19 halted medical testing of the National Football League (NFL) teams for the sake of everyone’s safety. However, that doesn’t mean that the NFL Draft 2020 will stop shaping up, as well.

In fact, the outbreak has even prompted intrigues surrounding early selections more because people are now on home quarantine. Meaning, they have more time to do so and are probably sick and tired of doing nothing. Analyzing the NFL 2020 draft odds might be a good past time these days.

Former Ohio State Buckeyes cornerback Jeffrey Okudah breaks up a pass that was intended for Aaron Fuller against the Washington Huskies in the first half of the 2019 Rose Bowl
Jeffrey Okudah breaks up a pass that was intended for Aaron Fuller against the Washington Huskies in the first half of the 2019 Rose Bowl (Photo by the Associated Press/Mark J. Terrill)

So, where to start? Begin with the good points and flaws of every ideal player. There are a lot of prospects for the NFL 2020, but we only listed here the ones who we think are among the best ones. Check them out here.

Joe Burrow, Quarterback, LSU Tigers

Who would dare to forget how Joe Burrow passed for 60 touchdowns last season and brought the Heisman Trophy home to Baton Rouge? During his two starting seasons at Louisiana State University (LSU), he proved that he was capable of diagnosing plays and determining the open receiver.

Overall, his athleticism, ability to perform well under pressure, and confident personality had convinced several NFL decision-makers and analysts.

The thing is, he isn’t physically gifted. He has below-average hand size and sub-par arm strength. Specifically, his hands are measured merely nine inches at the combine. Of course, having cannon can’t belittle his accomplishments at LSU. It’s just that, as a quarterback, not having an ideal hand size and arm strength can potentially be an issue, especially during adverse weather conditions.

D’Andre Swift, Running Back, Georgia Bulldogs

Even if he’s not the best back in most draft classes, D’Andre Swift is sure one of a kind. His compact 5’8”, 212-pound frame and above-average field vision made him one of the top picks for the NFL 2020. Over the past seasons, he had 56 receptions and could average six yards or so per carry.

His consistency and fumbles could be a concern, though. Sure, he can run a 40-yard dash in 4.48 seconds and wear down defenses. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to establish an image of someone who can pack consistent home run potential. Worse is his fumbles, which are estimated to be roughly once every 65 carries, can cause trust issues for his offensive coordinator.

Jerry Jeudy, Wide Receiver, Alabama Crimson Tide

For this upcoming NFL 2020, it seems like there’s no better-polished route-runner with threatening agility and speed than Alabama’s Jerry Jeudy. Believe it or not, he successfully produced 2,478 receiving yards just for the past two seasons. No wonder why a well-known analyst dubbed him as the “current decade’s cleanest, smoothest route-runner.”

But like LSU’s Burrow, his physicality can be considered as his most questionable attribute. For a perimeter pass-catcher, him standing 6’1” and weighing 193 pounds at the combine is usually reckoned as smaller and lighter. While he isn’t a burner for having a speed of 4.45, his 20-year-old body might not endure physical cornerbacks in press coverage and may not fly past deep safeties.

Cesar Ruiz, Interior Offensive Line, Michigan Wolverines

Speaking of physical structure, Michigan’s Cesar Ruiz is a good example of a person with a “better “ physicality. Not only having an adequate size at 6’3” and 307 pounds, but he also has positional versatility. He can play both center and guard while leaping the interior rushing attack at a 5.08-second 40 at the combine.

Nobody is perfect, and that includes Ruiz. Despite being one of the most complete and technically-wise centers, Ruiz lacks the raw power to overwhelm more powerful defenders one-on-one. Experts say this is because he’s, still and all, on the shorter side. And that’s probably why he’s one of the remaining players in the first place.

Jeff Okudah, Cornerback, Ohio State Buckeyes

Jeff Okudah possesses superb ball skills for a shutdown pass-defender and excellent speed, which made him seemingly custom-built to be a cornerback in the NFL. Also, in 2019, him putting together a season’s worth of elite game tape is epic! He’s sticky in coverage and physical at the point of contact. Plus, standing at 6’1” and 205 pounds, he was able to post a 4.48-second 40 and a 41-inch vertical. One expert even says he’s a “close to perfect prospect.”

Unlike other players mentioned here, Okudah is more physically sufficient to overcome hand fights with receivers, but dealing with downfield blockers is another story. They might overpower him. Don’t get us wrong. He’s fast and strong, but not enough to be considered as elite. On average, he can only perform 11 reps in the 225-pound bench press.


Most of the prospects listed here are rookies who just started for around two to three years or so. Many of them are still young and in their 20s, too. This can imply that within the next couple of years, chances are they can exceed the expectations of many people and eventually be the cream of the crop prospects for the following seasons.

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