Jim Edmonds announced he had the coronavirus

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Former MLB player Jim Edmonds announced on his Instagram story that he has been confirmed to have the coronavirus. He recently received the results back, he said.

Edmonds also mentioned that due to the late test, he is near the end of his coronavirus battle. He also admitted that he had to force the medical professionals to test him for the infectious virus even when they initially refused to test him for it.

Former Cincinnati Reds outfielder Jim Edmonds crosses home plate after hitting a solo home run against the Arizona Diamondbacks
Jim Edmonds crosses home plate after hitting a solo home run against the Arizona Diamondbacks (Getty Images)

“I appreciate everyone, who has said well-wishes and have wished me the best,” Edmonds said in his Instagram story video. “I did test positive for pneumonia and I did test positive for the virus. I am completely symptom free now and I’m doing really well. I must have had it for a while before I got tested.”

He mentioned that he had quarantined himself and flattened the curve at his residence. Now, the concern is with his daughter, who he said, has been tested for the coronavirus.

“She is symptom free, but she is waiting for the results,” Edmonds said. “We’re all doing really well here.”

It was previously reported on March 28th that he had been hospitalized. At that time, he was undergoing testing for the virus.

“Held off as long as I could,” Edmonds wrote in a separate Instagram story. “I thought I was tough enough to get through. The virus is no joke #gethealthy”

Edmonds played in Major League Baseball from 1993 with the California Angels through the 2010 season with the Milwaukee Brewers and the Cincinnati Reds. In his 17-year career, he has appeared in 2,011 games.

He had a .284 batting average in his career with 393 home runs and 1,199 RBIs in 6,858 at-bats. He also had 437 doubles and 25 triples in 1,949 hits, while scoring 1,251 runs.

Besides playing for the Angels, Brewers and Reds, he has also played for the St. Louis Cardinals, San Diego Padres, and the Chicago Cubs.

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