Calgary bars any event, including sports, until June 30th

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

While the United States are hoping that this coronavirus pandemic will end before June, two Canadian cities have taken the liberty to ban all gatherings until at least June 30th. First, the city of Toronto made the announcement.

Now, the city of Calgary made the same announcement on Friday. This also includes all sporting events.

Hockey Puck
Hockey Puck (Photo by

This means if the NHL plans to play their season before June 30th, these two teams will have to play in alternative cities and venues until the date comes where they could use their host city and venue once again. However, speculation is that there will be a two-week training camp in July with the rest of the season happening from the end of July to the end of August with the playoff going through September.

The NHL, like many other sports leagues, which are on hold right now due to the infectious virus, are planning on finishing their 2019-20 season. Yet, there will be many factors that these leagues will have to take into account when they do resume their seasons.

Hockey has been on hold since March 12th. That is the same day that the entire sports world in the United States came to an end, as we know it, following Rudy Gobert’s positive coronavirus test on March 11th in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Since the league has been on hold, several players around the league have tested positive for the coronavirus. In addition, the league has urged its players to self-quarantine through at least April 15th. However, that may be extended to a later date.

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