NBA Commish Adam Silver unsure when the league will return

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

According to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, the league has not officially set a return date yet. He also admitted that ‘everything is on the table.’

Silver also admitted that the coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic may cause the 2020-21 season to be pushed back instead of a late October start. The NBA has presently been on hold since March 11th when Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert’s positive coronavirus test caused a halt to the sports world.

Basketball (Photo by Pixabay)

“The NBA will be considering new infections to decrease, large-scale testing, a vaccine, anti-virals, and CDC and state rules that are in place,” Silver said. “The NBA is not seriously engaged yet on a bubble-type concept that, and the league is looking at data and not a date.”

Silver also said that he spoke with the Board of Governors on Friday. He said that the “NBA’s revenue has dropped to zero.”

With each passing day, it is unlikely that there will be an entire 82-game regular season. This means that the playoffs may be based off the current standings — without the remaining 14-17 games being played by teams.

Despite the league’s lack of a full season due to the infectious virus, the players are expected to receive their full pay. However, if there are losses to the schedule in terms of games, the league’s Force Majeure provision will be activated and players will see a reduction in pay.

“As I sit here today, there’s too much unknown to set a timeline and even too much unknown to day, ‘Here are the variables,’” Silver said.

If the playoffs started with the current standings, it’ll look like this:

Eastern Conference

  • (1) Milwaukee Bucks vs. (8) Orlando Magic
  • (2) Toronto Raptors vs. (7) Brooklyn Nets
  • (3) Boston Celtics vs. (6) Philadelphia 76ers
  • (4) Miami Heat vs. (5) Indiana Pacers

Western Conference

  • (1) Los Angeles Lakers vs. (8) Memphis Grizzlies
  • (2) Los Angeles Clippers vs. (7) Dallas Mavericks
  • (3) Denver Nuggets vs. (6) Houston Rockets
  • (4) Utah Jazz vs. (5) Oklahoma City Thunder

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