Giants’ Deandre Baker surrenders to Florida authorities

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

New York Giants cornerback Deandre Baker has surrender to the authorities on Saturday morning. Baker is facing armed robbery and aggravated assault charges.

Baker — along with fellow NFL player Quinton Dunbar — allegedly were involved in an armed robbery on Wednesday night in Miramar, Florida. Of the two players, Baker is actually facing the most severe charges, as he was allegedly the mastermind behind the incident.

Handcuffs (Photo by

At the cookout that Baker and Dunbar was at, there was allegedly an argument. Then, Baker brandished a gun.

He allegedly instructed Dunbar to steal from the individuals at the residence. Also, Baker reportedly instructed a man in a red mask to shoot an individual at the party.

Thankfully, the man in the red mask did not pull the trigger and shoot the individual in question.

Baker, Dunbar, and the third man allegedly stole money, expensive watches, and other items. The three person of interests reportedly got away in exotic getaway cars, according to TMZ.

While Baker has surrendered to the authorities, Dunbar has not turned himself in. Also, at this time, it’s not clear if the third man, who wore the red mask, has also surrendered to the authorities.

Both of the players — who are represented by separate attorney’s — claim that their innocent. Both attorneys also claim that they have witnesses that have claimed through a police affidavit that both players did not do what is being alleged.

The NFL players will face discipline from the league if they can beat this case. However, with the armed robbery charges, if they’re convicted of the charge, then they may spend the rest of their lives in jail.

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