Gracie joins Cain in becoming Pocatello Police Reserve Officer

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

An MMA legend has joined the men in blue. Royce Gracie has been sworn in as a reserve officer in Pocatello, Idaho.

The Gracie family is well known in the MMA world. But their connections to law enforcement go as deep. In fact, the Gracie BJJ websites have offered training for law enforcement, which includes online classes, certifications, and other tools to help the authorities maintain a relationship with the MMA, especially Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Police Squad Car
Police Squad Car (Photo by Pixabay)

Gracie joined the Pocatello Police Reserve Officers along with Dean Cain, who is famous for playing Superman. Gracie was the first UFC Hall of Fame inductee.

He hopes to use the same tactics that he learned through the training to help the officers back in California. He resides in Los Angeles.

“I love to help the police officers wherever I can,” Gracie said to the Idaho State Journal. “At home in LA, when I leave the house, I surely hope the police know what they are going so if I can help them out in any way, I will.”

Both Cain and Gracie became reserve officers, according to the article, through the CACF Foundation. This organization is established to help fight and protect children from child predators, active shooters, bullying and teenage suicide.

“The amount of training we’ve had in the last two days has been phenomenal,” Cain said. “If other officers throughout the country were trained like Chief [Roger] Schei trains his guys here, I think we’d be in a lot better shape as a police force in the nation. The idea that people are vilifying the police is insane to me. I understand there is a groundswell for changing police policies, but the way that Chief Schei does it here is the right way. This is a great example of unity and community policing.

“If we could implement what he is doing nationwide, I think we could be in a much better place. I am clearly making a point in joining now because the zeitgeist is going one way and it should be going the other way.”

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