Report: Cam Newton not guaranteed Patriots starting QB job

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

According to The Athletic, Cam Newton has not been promised a starting job. In fact, if he wants to be the starter, he has to earn it.

Since Bill Belichick has been named the team’s head coach, he has made everyone earn their spot on the team. And Newton will be no different.

Former Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton attempting a pass against the Atlanta Falcons
Cam Newton attempting a pass against the Atlanta Falcons (Getty Images)

Newton signed a one-year contract with the Patriots. However, his base salary is just for $1 million with incentives that could make the deal worth $7.5 million.

Since signing with the Patriots, Newton is considered to be the team’s starting quarterback. Before his signing, Jarrett Stidham was considered to be the favorite for the job.

Legendary quarterback Tom Brady, who had been the team’s starting quarterback from 2001 through the 2019 season, signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the off-season. Brady signed a two-year deal with the team.

Jeff Howe, who wrote the story for The Athletic, claimed via a source, ‘[Newton’s addition] has nothing to do with Stidham’s performance.’

Earlier this season, the Patriots were not interested in Newton, like the rest of the league after he was released from the Carolina Panthers. Something caused them to be interested in Newton, which led to their recent agreement.

Howe also claimed that Newton’s asking price might have been high earlier this off-season when there was no interest. But as his demands lowered, his contract demands diminished, which allowed the Patriots to take a low-risk signing at a bare minimum for a veteran of his talent.

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